Don’t Think Just Play

I’d been asked by the beautiful people at Fronteers to present a 10-minute talk at their “Jam Session,” which takes place the evening before their annual web development conference. Rather than present yet another technical-oriented talk as all of the other presenters would be doing, I decided to take a different tactic and actually present on public speaking. My thinking was that in this industry, everyone is going to have to present something at some point, whether to a small group of colleagues, as a pitch to a prospective client, or speaking at an industry gathering. Drawing on my experience as a former church preacher (seriously!) I gave a lightning talk on some key tactics to make yourself a better public speaker. As fate would have it, I was chosen to give the opening talk of the night, which of course led to me referring to myself as the Fronteers keynote speaker. 😉

The talks were all recorded, here’s mine! Unfortunately the video and audio desync by a twee bit about halfway through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯